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3 Unique Ideas Anyone Can Do to Save MoneyFTMFlix.com

3 Unique Ideas Anyone Can Do to Save Money


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    An Introduction to Jerry Robinson’s Five Levels of Financial Freedom.

    In this video, Jennifer continues with Level One, Step Five: Build Two Month of Liquid Savings.

    The two months’ liquid savings serves two purposes:

    1. It is an emergency reserve. First and foremost, the money that you will be saving will available to you in the event of an emergency. For this reason, it should be extremely accessible at all times.

    2. It is a pool of opportunity capital. As you continue down the path towards financial freedom with our Five Levels, I am going to teach you how to spot opportunities. Those who have cash can take advantage of deals when they present themselves. Many Americans became millionaires during the Great Depression of the 1930′s. Those that did had two things in common: 1) They knew how to spot opportunities and 2) They had cash on hand, or had access to cash.

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