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Aspartame: 'Sweet Misery'FTMFlix.com

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    ‘Sweet Misery’ reveals one of the most pervasive, insidious forms of corporate negligence since tobacco.

    The toxic long-term effects of aspartame are often dismissed as a hoax by the sweetener industry; however this new documentary thoroughly unravels something infinitely more alarming than merely a hoax.

    About 200 times sweeter than the refined sugar it is meant to replace, Aspartame is the artificial sweetener used in such brands as Equal and Nutrasweet. Not long ago, aspartame was on a Pentagon list of biowarfare chemicals submitted to Congress — yet this lethal product remains on grocery shelves and continues to be highly touted in the media.

    Most people interested in natural health will understand that artificial sweeteners are not healthy for you. But nearly everyone of us leads busy lives that limits us from reading all we would like to, especially about things that may not be that much of a problem anyway.

    After all, millions of people drink diet sodas every day and they arent dropping dead like flies, and the government did approve this sweetener as safe so it cant be too bad.

    Wrong, Wrong, Wrong

    If you believe the above you are in for a sorry surprise. The beautiful aspect of this movie is that in a short ninety minutes you will easily in the relaxed comfort of your own home finally understand why aspartame is a toxic poison and needs to be avoided.