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Bitcoin Update 2015: The Future of Bitcoin (w/ Trace Mayer)FTMFlix.com

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    LISTEN TO FULL PODCAST EPISODE… http://ftmdaily.com/ftm-radio-show/future-of-bitcoin/

    This is an excerpt from the Follow the Money Weekly podcast hosted each week by economist and author, Jerry Robinson.


    This week, we are pleased to be joined by Bitcoin expert, Trace Mayer. Trace is a personal friend and has appeared several times as a guest on FTMWeekly Radio.

    In this interview, Trace explains why he holds both gold and Bitcoin as investments. Of course, gold has intrinsic value. But does Bitcoin have intrinsic value? Trace answers that question and also explains why Bitcoin technology is becoming a geopolitical issue.

    In the interview, Trace says that the globe has entered a virtual arms race as scientists, mathematicians, and cryptographers in different countries seek to dominate these digital realms. The geopolitical impact of Bitcoin technology could be greater than we realize.

    If you are interested in Bitcoin, our good friend Trace Mayer has an excellent new podcast where he provides updates on the latest events impacting the Bitcoin market.

    Below are the headlines that Jerry comments on in this first segment. Listen above to hear Jerry’s analysis.

    Keep reading at link below.

    Link: http://ftmdaily.com/ftm-radio-show/future-of-bitcoin/

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