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Dr. Michael Heiser: GnosticismFTMFlix.com

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    Dr. Michael Heiser is the academic editor for the Logos Bible Software, a Ph.D. in Hebrew Bible and Semitic Languages with expertise on Ancient Israel and Egyptology. He’s also the author of the novel The Facade, and he runs several blogs including PaleoBabble, UFO Religions, and he was featured on Chris White’s recent debunkumentary Ancient Aliens Debunked, Naked Bible Podcast. He also runs MEMRA (online institute for ancient languages and Biblical theology)


    This video is all 8 parts of his lecture from back in 2006.

    Part 1: Introductions
    Although the hype surrounding the DaVinci Code has left the mainstream
    media, the ideas persist. Here, speaking in 2006 at the height of the
    DaVinci controversy, ancient languages scholar and Biblical Hebrew
    expert Michael Heiser gives us a solid and plain spoken introduction to

    Part 2: Reliability of New Testament Scriptures (esp vs the Nag Hammadi)
    Dr. Heiser compares the oldest scriptural texts with the gnostic texts and explains why the New Testament texts are reliable while the gnostic texts aren’t.
    Special attention is paid to the precise dating of New Testament texts, and serves as a primer for all serious students and teachers of the Bible.

    Part 3: Were Jesus and Mary Madelene married?
    Dr. Heiser compares the Gnostic Jesus with the Jesus of the Bible. Was Jesus, as a rabbi, required to marry? Was Mary his companion? His wife? Were these and other secrets buried along with Jesus?
    These and other questions are examined. Relevant texts, including the gospel accounts and the gnostic texts, are examined. Mr. Heiser shows what is in the text and what isn’t. You might just be surprised.

    Part 4: Gnosticism and Women
    Heiser offers an honest examination of the supposed “pro-woman” message often ascribed to the gnostics. Is gnosticism really “enlightened” in terms of womens’ roles.
    Looking at the actual texts the gnostics themselves wrote, their customs, rituals and spirituality, Heiser makes sense of the nonsense surrounding this ancient and mysterious religion’s place for women.

    Part 5: Neither Lord nor Christ?
    The Belief in Jesus as God before The Council of Nicea and the Exalted Christ of Gnosticism. This is a refutation of two ideas put forth in The DaVinci Code: That Constantine invented the idea that Jesus was God at The Council of Nicea, and that the Gnostic texts portray Jesus as only a mortal man (hint: they do not).

    Part 6: What Really happened at Nicea?
    An examination of Constantine’s spiritual commitments and the documentary evidence left to history concerning the proceedings at the Council of Nicea.

    Part 7: The Conspiratorial Logic of The DaVinci Code and Jesus Bloodline Theorists

    Part 8: Jumping the Shark from the Newsroom to the Ivory Tower: Assessing the Gospel of Judas Frenzy