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    As someone who was raised as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses — before being saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ in 1994 — I can tell you that a little leaven is all it takes for doctrinal error to develop and multiply. (Gal. 5:9)

    Throughout my entire early childhood, I believed that I was a “true Christian.” I believed that Jehovah God was the one true God and that Jesus was God’s Son… Period. This false cult blinded me to Jesus’ true claims of Divinity.

    The Watchtower organization, the only true “apostolic voice” in the earth according to Jehovah’s Witnesses, claims to offer the only true path to salvation. I sincerely believed them until the day my eyes were opened to the truth of Biblical Christianity — by the grace of God.

    My background helps me understand the power of false religion. False teachings infiltrate our nation, and indeed the world. False teachers and their teachings are like a sticky spider web. Once you become entangled within them, breaking free is nearly impossible.

    For this reason, I have looked on in shock while the Mormon church has made several successful attempts at disarming and neutralizing discernment among evangelicals.

    Despite the fact that three out of four American Christian pastors believe Mormonism to be a cult and that the majority of American Christians consider Mormonism to be “very different” from true Biblical Christianity, it still hasn’t stopped many evangelicals from embracing the message of one of America’s most popular Mormon communicators, Glenn Beck.

    Many evangelicals consider Beck’s Mormon worldview to be completely harmless to their own faith. But should they?