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    Fast Food Baby – This one hour long BBC documentary film is released during the year 2011. Fast food is everywhere and most of the people kids just cannot get enough of it. Now people live in nations of fast food babies, and it’s a ticking time bomb of massive health problems. This BBC documentary film is discovering why some mother and father hotel to fast meals providing their infants and follows three family members as they seriously try to get back on the right healthy track.

    Fast Food Baby – This BBC documentary film meets three different families with three distinctive fast food problems. In these families, there is one kid who is a massive fast food eater, a nineteen month-old baby whose mum and dad are frightened by his refused to eat healthy food and a three-year-old baby whose mum has never cooked in her life. All the families desperately want help. They are meeting up with experts to see how their babies can kick their habits.

    Fast Food Baby – The BBC documentary film talks about of the family’s child name Cuba; his parents were struggling to get their child on a right nutritional track by the help of nutrition experts. Because of his massive fast food eating a habit likely to cause him anemia which in some case cancels down the Childs development? After the expert’s opinion, they follow a well nutrition track. The 2nd family with the help of experts they also explore healthy food in a home, and the parents were much relaxed with their baby’s progress. In third family, there was a single mother, and she started a cooking class to avoid the fast food which was healthier for her heart and also for the health of baby as well.

    These families have totally changed their eating habits. They had cut their fast food cravings and started a healthy home cooking. Their new diet has improved daily activities, and ultimately; the whole families were in the path to a healthier future.
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