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Bernie Sanders Interview on FoxNews Sunday 2-14-2016FTMFlix.com

Bernie Sanders Interview on FoxNews Sunday 2-14-2016


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    Watch as Bernie Sanders faced off with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday for the first time since announcing his candidacy. (Date of interview: Feb. 14, 2016)

    Sanders talked about his admiration of Antonin Scalia and made the case that he’ll be able to pull surprise upsets in Nevada and South Carolina. Wallace confronted Sanders on everything from accusations that Hillary Clinton is bought off by Wall Street to his claims about income inequality and beliefs on universal health care. Wallace asked at one point, “If the wealthy have rigged the system, why have they done such a lousy job of it?” He even repeatedly pressed Sanders on his belief in single-payer health care. Wallace ended by asking Sanders about the DNC’s refusal to do any debates on Fox News. Sanders said he would be perfectly fine with doing a debate on Fox as long as it’s done fairly. Watch the full interview above, via Fox. Bernie Sanders told Fox News host Chris Wallace that he was skeptical about attending a debate hosted by the conservative network because of the way that it had unfairly treated Democrats in the past. During an appearance on Fox News Sunday, Wallace noted that the Democratic National Committee had refused to sanction a debate on Fox News. “I hope you feel that you haven’t been mistreated,” the Fox News host said. “Would you be willing to participate in a Democratic debate on Fox News?” “If we were clear to understand what the guidelines were, what the rules were and to make sure that they were fair and the DNC was in favor of it, I would have no objections,” Sanders explained. “You’ve seen this interview we just did,” Wallace replied, insisting that Fox could be fair. “Chris, I have seen this interview,” Sanders interrupted. “But I have also seen other interviews. So, if I could have a guarantee and knew who the questioners were and the framework for the debate was fair, I would have no objection.”

    “I’ll take that as a definite maybe,” Wallace concluded.

    Watch the video below from Fox’s Fox News Sunday, broadcast