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Iran President Hassan Rouhani Speech at United Nations 2014FTMFlix.com

Iran President Hassan Rouhani Speech at United Nations 2014


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    Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani says extremism and violence are threatening the entire Middle East, especially Iran’s neighbors, as a result of extremist measures taken by foreign terrorists.

    Addressing the 69th annual session of the United Nations Assembly in New York on Thursday, Rouhani said extremism is a global phenomenon which has been fostered by certain countries which are now unable to fight it.

    An excerpt:

    “Today’s anti-Westernism is the offspring of yesterday’s colonialism; today’s anti-Westernism is a reaction to yesterday’s racism… Certain intelligence agencies have put blades in the hands of madmen who now spare no one.”

    “All those who have played a role in founding and supporting these terrorist groups must acknowledge their errors, which have led to extremism… They need to apologize not only to the past generations, but also to the next generation.”

    “I am astonished that these murderous groups call themselves ‘Islamic’… What is more astonishing is that the Western media in line with them repeats this false claim, which provokes the hatred of all Muslims.”