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Marco Rubio and Chris Wallace Spar over Iraq Flip FlopsFTMFlix.com

Marco Rubio and Chris Wallace Spar over Iraq Flip Flops


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    Despite Gov. Jeb Bush’s recent epic fail at answering a simple question about the 2003 Iraq war, it appears Sen. Rubio is none the wiser. In his ardent effort to defend W’s 2003 Iraq war, Sen. Marco Rubio recently attempted to explain his newfound position during an interview with Fox News host, Chris Wallace.

    Sen. Rubio’s stance is not a surprise. After all, he has been ordained as the official “neocon” candidate of 2016. (Just look at his election slogan.)

    So far in 2015, GOP contenders who have sought to employ 2003 GOP talking points are getting hammered by the polls and the media.

    Finally, note Sen. Rubio’s insistence that Pres. George W. Bush would not have invaded Iraq had he known that the intelligence was faulty. This is another imaginary statement that has been completely disproved by the former President himself.

    Last year, when asked in a CBS interview whether invading Iraq was the wrong decision in retrospect, Bush said: “No, I think it was the right decision.” (See video clip)

    In 2008, when asked if he regreted invading Iraq in hindsight, he boldly claimed: “No. I don’t regret it at all.” (See video clip)

    It appears the 2003 Iraq war will be a bigger liability to the GOP in 2016 than they ever could have imagined.