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Real Estate Finance and its Vulnerability to Crisis - FTMFlix.comFTMFlix.com

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    Learn all about the real estate asset class with Prof. Robert Shiller in this free lecture from Yale University.

    Topics include:
    DPP vs Commerical Real Estates
    Why Partnership is risky?
    Difference between General Partner and Limited Partner?
    What is Accredited Investor?
    How DPP made Tax less for the rich?
    What is Real Estate Investment Trust?
    How DPP got used for evading taxes in the past?
    What is mortgage ?
    History of Mortgage
    How the housing crisis happened?
    How Self-amortizing works and how it happened?
    What is ARM(Adjustable Rate Mortgages)?
    How they calculate Mortgage Balance?
    How Fannie Mae(Federal National Mortgage Corporation) and Freddie make more mortgages?
    How government is involved with Fannie and Freddie?
    Home Prices History(Does it only go up throughout history?/Housing Boom and Housing Bust)