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    How does Sean Hannity feel about the federal government collecting information on millions of Americans? Well, that depends. According to clips compiled by Media Matters, the Fox News host’s position regarding government surveillance is evidently based entirely on who happens to be occupying the Oval Office at the time.

    For example, Hannity called the recent revelation about the extent of National Security Agency surveillance programs under Democratic President Barack Obama a “very clear violation of the Fourth Amendment.” But when President George W. Bush was in power, the conservative commentator seemed to have no problem with the NSA gathering data on Americans. In fact, he was a staunch defender of the practice during the Dubya years.

    Sean Hannity Displays Hypocrisy On NSA Surveillance

    The rambunctious Fox News host on Monday lashed into the Obama administration over the revelations of widespread Internet and phone surveillance by the National Security Agency, warning that “anarchy and tyranny will follow.”

    But back in 2006, when a similar NSA spying scandal was unearthed during President George W. Bush’s administration, Hannity wasn’t so concerned. He came out as a staunch defender of the NSA then, saying it was “staggering to me we are even debating the use of these techniques in this country even at this time.”

    Media Matters put together a mashup of Hannity’s comments, comparing his position then and now.Sean Hannity is warning that data mining and surveillance are “very clear violation[s] of the Fourth Amendment,” a drastic change for the Fox News host, who was a loud defender of National Security Agency surveillance during the Bush administration.