The GOP’s Iraq War Problem


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    This is an excerpt from the Follow the Money Weekly podcast hosted each week by economist and author, Jerry Robinson.


    As another Memorial Day passes, we remember the more than 6,700 American soldiers who have perished in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Tens of thousands more have been wounded, some permanently. Our thoughts and prayers go to the friends and families of those who have been directly impacted by America’s wars, both past and present, with a heart of gratitude for their sacrifice.

    However, the GOP, which first pushed the Iraq war, now seems unsure whether the whole thing was a good idea. Recently, 2016 Presidential hopeful, Jeb Bush, said he would not have invaded Iraq (after first saying that he would.) So too, 2016 Presidential candidate Marco Rubio recently said the same thing. But they just can’t seem to bring themselves to call the war a “mistake.”

    Many war veterans are outraged to hear Presidential candidates from the GOP, the same party that so enthusiastically sold the Iraq war to the American people in the first place, now backpedaling, claiming the whole thing may have been a bad idea in hindsight.


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